Unfortunately Loughton Sling Library closed down in December 2017 for personal reasons.  There are no longer sling library sessions or personal consultations available.  Please get in touch with your nearest alternative sling library instead – a full list of ones around the UK is available here: slingpages.co.uk.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us and helped the sling library get off the ground!


Welcome!  Loughton Sling Library exists to support parents to learn how to use slings safely, comfortably and with confidence.  If you are interested in working with the Loughton Sling Library, either with your time as a volunteer, or in some other way, please get in touch.

Why Carry Your Baby?

Babywearing has many benefits including comforting and bonding, supporting responsive breastfeeding, creating a secure attachment, increasing social interaction, supporting physical development, particularly head and neck control – it’s often an enjoyable alternative to tummy time for babies!

In addition, there are huge benefits for the parent as well, from improved attachment and bonding, increased confidence in parenting skills and it can reduce postnatal depression and anxiety.  But best of all, it leaves the parent’s hands free, allowing them to take care of other children, complete household tasks and even get out of the house.

What We Offer

  • Advice from a trained babywearing consultant at regular sling library sessions.  15 min appointments are available at the sling library.  You are generally given enough time to try on 1-2 slings.  You can then hire a sling/carrier for 2 weeks, prices start from £5.
  • Personalised 90min consultations held in your own home.  This allows you to try on a number of slings/carriers for your situation, and the price includes free hire of one sling for 2 weeks.
  • Long term hire of newborn slings is available from £15 for 3 months.